Support Notice
Date: 27-Feb-2017

                                                                                                                                                         February24, 2017

Dear valued ChemplianceWeb customers, 

Please note that our ChemplianceWeb support specialist, Jessica Ebert, is off on maternity leave. In order to avoid any delays in obtaining support, please email email will be promptly addressed by a member of our team.

Should your ChemplianceWeb or WebLabeling support issue be urgent, please contact Karrie Ishmael directly at karrie.ishmael@thecompliancecenter.comor by calling 1-888-442-9628.

For all LabelSync and Bartender support, please continue to contact Nelson Roque by email at nelson.roque@thecompliancecenter.comor by phone at 1-888-977-4834.

Thank you and best regards,

ICC Compliance Center ChemplianceWeb Suite Support Team

Scheduled Maintenance Chempliance Web - Support Notice/Avis de support